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Since winter is here in Phoenix, AZ, it is important for your car to be properly maintained and have a local towing company available in case you need towing services. Today, however, there are more and more regulations that exist which seek to make sure that the towing industry’s hard work and decency gets the appreciation and recognition it deserves. During the winter months these regulations are important for a consumer and making sure towing companies are following all required protocols.

Companies, including CentralTowing among other big towing companies, are seeking to find a national solution to the problem facing the reputation and the regulation of towing companies, specifically the way that each charges their customers for their services. Major improvements have been made when it comes to creating a Towing Advisory Committee formed by towing and carrier industry professionals and officials who will work as a moderator for all towing companies in the country.

In addition, more and more companies are becoming focused on being more competitive in the field by making sure that their services are of the best possible quality, given that there is so much attention being paid to them today.


During the winter months, here are some tips to follow:

mprnews.orgSnow in the forecast is a good reminder that it’s time to get your car ready for winter, and brace yourself for the long, cold months ahead. He’s been a mechanic on Minnesota’s harsh northern border in Warroad for 60 years. How to stay warm in subzero weather He started his auto garage in 1955, when starting a car in the dead of winter involved skill and ingenuity.

Now most new vehicles will start without issue all the way down to 20 degrees below zero. They require a lot less special treatment in cold weather, but Olson said there are still a few things drivers should do to keep things running smoothly through the winter.

1) Get a new battery

“People will try to sneak by with an old battery,” Olson said, “but if you want your car to start you have to buy the best battery, not the cheapest one.”

2) Get an oil change

Old oil gets thick with grime, making a cold engine harder to start.

3) Get a block heater

They’re a relatively small investment, Olson said, and will keep an engine warm and easy to start through the coldest winter nights.

4) Check your tires

When Olson first started his business, most people had a special set of snow tires in the garage they’d put on every winter. Those were the days when just about every car had rear-wheel drive.

5) Go for a long drive

In the depths of winter, Olson said people tend to hunker down. They drive only as far as they must. That can be a problem.

If a car is only driven a few miles at a time, Olson said the engine will slowly fill with condensation. When that water freezes, it expands. Read all tips from the original post on http://www.austindailyherald.com/2016/11/surviving-the-snow-6-winter-car-tips-from-a-lifelong-minn-mechanic/

It is important to also follow car and driver safety tips when driving in different weather conditions.

nbcmontana.comDave Isakson has lived in Butte over 50 years, and he’s seen his fair share of winters and knows exactly how to avoid problems on black ice and in snow. Keeping a sufficient amount of gasoline can also add weight to a vehicle, which can add to better traction.

“You don’t see it, it’s dangerous. The new anti lock brakes make a big difference in the way we stop today, with old technology you did that with your foot, you had to pump your brakes,” Isakson said.

“Slow down, take your time to get there, or give yourself more time. When you see a stop sign coming up it can’t be gun and run like it can be during the summertime — a block ahead of time start slowing down and paying attention to the vehicles in front you, because the icy condition will get you,” he added.

“Car and Driver” says stability or traction control should always stay on in the winter, and many people know that the technology in new cars, combined with good maintenance will help keep you safe.

Drivers share tips to stay safe on black ice – NBC Montana

These are some good tips you should follow during the winter season, but you also want to keep our number handy in case you need towing services from on the largest fleets in Arizona. Central Towing can be reached at (602) 277-3200.

 Posted on : November 18, 2016

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