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We are available 24/7 providing our customers true emergency services anytime of the day or night. Learn more

Heavy Duty

We can tow RV’s, Motor Homes, Diesel Trucks and commercial vehicles anywhere in the state of Arizona. Learn more

Medium Duty

Central Towing can tow medium duty vehicles anywhere in Maricopa county. Learn more

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Central Towing can help you if you are locked out of your vehicle. Learn more

Your #1 Choice For Commercial Towing

We strive to provide you with the least stressful commercial towing experience possible and try to help you through this hard time. Here at Central Towing we know how much stress you are already under when your car breaks down, and we are dedicated to making sure that you don’t have to experience any more. Coupling this with our array of services and our impressive safety history merely makes us a better choice in the Phoenix area.

We are able to offer our services to you for all vehicles of any size. Even if you have a much larger truck or commercial vehicle than what you would expect us to be able to handle, we guarantee that we can get the job done. This sets us apart from other companies who simply don’t have to ability to deal with your higher level of needs. We know that you need towing when you break down just as much as someone driving a small sports car and that your work schedule may depend on our response.

We promise that we will show up quickly and have you on the tow truck within a record amount of time. We don’t spend a long time getting to your location, loading you up, or saying that we didn’t come with the right equipment. We know that when your business vehicle is out of commission your entire business is on hold and that you can’t afford expensive delays due to inept companies and people who think their time is more valuable than your own. This is why we ensure that we arrive on time, are able to handle any problem that comes our way, and have gone out of our way to ensure we were well trained to meet all of your commercial towing needs.

We are also available at any time of the day or night and will go anywhere in the city. We understand that not every business works on a 9-5 schedule and are happy to serve clients who find their working hours falling outside of this range. There is no reason that you should lose work time because the company you need isn’t available and we seek to make sure that this is something that never happens. We also don’t think it’s fair to limit the areas you can have a problem in, as predicting an emergency is near impossible.

So when you have find yourself broken down, losing work time, and in need of a tow, call us at Central Towing. We are ready and waiting to fulfill all of your commercial towing needs and to get you back to work in no time flat. Remember, when you think about great service and amazing support for all you towing needs, you should think about us.

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