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When you are towing a trailer you need to remember that you need to adjust your driving to accommodate the extra weight. Driving with a car is very different when driving with a trailer behind you. These are the things you need to avoid when towing a trailer:

  • Quick movements
  • Jack rabbit starts
  • Sudden stops

You need to remember that this additional weight is capable of pushing you which can cause accidents if you are not careful.

“You can look for a towing service online, and the service that it provides. You can also ask friends and family for better recommendations. Will be provided and what to avoid. Through this you also get an idea of the services that.

Also you have to find out their mileage rates of payments and whether the services they offered match with what they charge. In addition, consider the distance that you need to tow your car and also how to pay for their services whether through your insurance or any other mode suitable to you.

Also consider how long a company will take to reach you in case of an emergency to avoid you from being stranded. Choose companies that are quick and efficient in providing their services. Also consider the time of work of different companies, opt for companies that provide their services 24/7 and offer roadside assistance.

Apart from helping towing your car, some companies may also provide other services such as jump starting your car, changing tires and also carrying damaged vehicles. Consider companies that provide a wide range of services.

With the above factors, one is able to know whether a towing service provider is capable to do the job you want or is just a highway vulture meant to take your money just for a shoddy work. In knowing this it will help you be ready for any emergencies since you know a reliable means.

The most important thing that one should know about car towing services is the services that they provide. With this knowledge one will be able to consider whether to consider a towing service or not and whether to hire one company or not. This article will save you the trouble of wondering” Originally seen published on http://mikestowinghamilton.com/choosing-a-car-towing-service/

The most essential part of towing any trailer is having the right vehicle that can accommodate the extra weight. You need to consider a few things to make sure that you can tow a trailer safely and in a healthy manner. These are the few things that you need to know before you tow a trailer:

  • Make sure that the weight of the trailer doesn’t exceed the vehicle maximum tongue capacity
  • The only time that you can exceed the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle is when it is equipped with a weight distributing hitch and a sway control device.
  • Read your vehicle manual to have all the information you need to make the trip safe.


Things to watch out for and check before you head out towing a trailer behind.

  • Inspect your caravan tires for cracks and bulges.
  • Make sure that the tire is in good condition check the thread for flat spots, uneven wear and any objects that got caught in the thread.
  • Inflate the tires properly, it will help you save on fuels.
  • Make sure that everything is connected properly
  • Inspect the lights, brakes, tire and hitches
  • Bring spares and tool kit.


When you call Central Towing one of the first questions we always ask is what type of vehicle we are towing. We need to know this so we can send out the proper tow truck and equipment for the tow. If we are towing a car vs a semi truck or commercial vehicle is important to know and understand the weight difference. So you need to also make sure of the weight when you are towing a trailer and what your vehicle can handle.

 Posted on : January 11, 2017

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