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Emergency Long Distance Towing – Central Towing

Although most drivers never think about the service, long distance towing happens everyday. It might be that the vehicle is disabled and the owner wants to have the repairs done at their usual auto shop, or the owner is moving and doesn’t want to drive their car or truck a long distance. The distance in long distance towing might be within a state, around a region, or a across a nation. The services vary depending upon whether towing is required for a lightweight or a heavy medium duty vehicle.

Long distance towing is generally 100 or more miles. Lightweight towing includes cars and small trucks. It’s possible for owners to tow these vehicles themselves. A tow dolly can be purchased or rented. These work by placing either the two front or the two rear tires onto the dolly and allowing the vehicle to rest at an angle. When the distance is long, the downside of this method is that the vehicle will experience wear and tear.

The most common way to haul lightweight vehicles across a state or a country is to put it on the back of a flatbed and secure it. This method is the most common one used for very long distances. There are companies that specialize in this type of towing. In general, the pickup and delivery are scheduled in advance.

Heavy/Medium Duty Long Distance Towing

Vehicles such as large trucks, RVs, and even large tractor trailers are considered heavy to medium sized jobs and will require special equipment. When heavy equipment needs to be transported to a job site, these are the companies that get the call. Their tow trucks have heavy duty shocks and have powerful winches to get the job done right.

Long distance towing can be expensive, but if you are patient, you may be able to get reduced rates when a tow truck is in the area and needs a return load. Each company has slightly different policies when it comes to insurance. Check to see if you are responsible for covering damage to your car or if the cost of insurance is included in the tow.

Tow truck companies who specialize in heavy duty towing have powerful equipment and some of the best drivers in the industry. Because they are often called to the scene of accidents involving large vehicles, they must calculate the best way to recover the vehicle to get it off the road. These companies are often called upon to take damaged tractor trailers to repair shops which can be located many miles away.

If you are in need of a long distance tow for a lightweight or medium to heavy duty vehicle, you may be able to get a list of companies that do this type of towing in your location from your insurance company. When you call the company for emergency service, be sure to give accurate information to ensure that the right equipment will be dispatched for your job.

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