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Do you need your motor home or RV towed in Phoenix, Az?

In the Phoenix Arizona area there is one company that can readily offer you RV / Motor home towing with no delay and amazing service. At Central Towing pride ourselves on being this company and on being able to offer you our services. Nothing ruins your vacation faster than delays, breakdowns, running out of gas, or finding out that your vehicle isn’t safe to continue driving. This is why we hope that you will call us when you find yourself in a pickle on your next trip within the Phoenix Valley.

As one of the larger towing companies in the area we have a number of trucks that can handle much bigger vehicles than most of the other companies in the area. This means that we can handle your larger motor homes with ease and can get you back on the road faster than anyone else. This allows you to enjoy more of your vacation and to relax even when something does go wrong. We hope that our great service can keep your weekend or week from being ruined and that we can help you make fond memories instead of feeling like you wasted your entire trip.

We have one of the fastest response times in the area and are proud that we are able to get to you before you get worried. This means that you won’t be stuck out in the heat for too long, even when the summer sun is beating down at its worse. We know that it can get uncomfortable in the city and that being out at night can be just as bad when you are stranded. Our response time will leave you amazed and will hopefully give you the little boost you need to stay positive about your trip.

Finally, our services are available any time of the day and night without any restrictions to better serve your needs. We know that you aren’t always going to break down inside of business hours and expecting you to wait until the next morning to call for help isn’t something we want to subject you to. Instead, we want you trust that you can call and we will be there to help you even if it is 3am. This is one of the ways that we help keep you safe and ensure that you enjoy your time in our town.

So when you break down and are feeling lost and confused, call us at Central Towing and let us salvage your vacation in record time. You don’t need to worry that we won’t be able to take care of your RV / motor home, our towing fleet is more than equipped to deal with even the largest home. You don’t need to worry that we will make you wait and put you in danger or cause you distress, we arrive very fast. Finally, you don’t have to worry about calling us too late, we are ready to help you 24/7.


Affordable and Professional 5th Wheel Towing Services

Do you need to have a fifth-wheel trailer towed quickly and efficiently? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re one of the top service providers in the Phoenix Arizona area, giving our clients access to a vast range of solutions.

Why Choose Us?
If you have a 5th wheel trailer and you need to have it transported safely and efficiently, we can handle the project for us. We have the necessary equipment, the certification and the insurance to do a good job. A 5th wheel can break down, no matter how reliable the model you purchased is. This is why we give our clients access to 24/7 emergency services. A family vacation doesn’t have to be ruined due to a technical difficulty – all that you have to do is give the Central Towing team a call. Keep in mind that fifth-wheels can be difficult to move. Many towing companies don’t have the equipment and the experience to handle the job. Don’t make a compromise and stick to quality solutions like the one we give to our clients.

Don’t Worry and Give us a Call!
As one of the larger towing companies in the Phoenix Arizona region, we have the equipment to handle even the most specialized towing cases. Other companies will often lack the proper hitch, electric brake controller and other tools needed to do fifth-wheel trailer towing. We have all of the trucks, the equipment and the suspension to give you the assistance you need. Needless to say, our team members are trained to deal with such specialized tasks.

Whether you’re just traveling through Phoenix Arizona and you experience a technical emergency or you live here, we’ll be at your location in no time. Give us a call at any time and during any day of the week to get qualified, affordable and effective emergency assistance.

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