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Being stranded on the side of the road is a very stressful situation and it can get a lot worse if you called a towing company that takes advantage of you and made you wait for hours. You can prevent this by choosing a company ahead of time therefore you will be able to choose a towing company that match your lifestyle and needs. Here are the tips that will help you find a good towing company: Ask for the recommendation of your friends and family Contact your mechanic or insurance provider if they have a preferred towing company you can get discounts with them ad will make the reimbursement easier Make sure that the company is licensed and insured Choose a company that has trucks and towing equipment that are well maintained and are in good condition Make sure that they hire staffs that are qualified and trained to ensure that they will do the job the right way and professionally Choose a company that operates 24/7 It is more practical to choose a company that offers roadside assistance in case you need support other than towing. “To find a tow truck, ask for a recommendation from a mechanic, friend or neighbor. If far from home, ask the local police to suggest a company that has the requisite training and equipment. When calling for a tow truck, be ready to give an exact description of the vehicle to be towed, its location and the nature of the problem. Members of an auto club or roadside assistance program will typically find the phone number to call for assistance listed on their membership card. If the car is disabled by the side of the road, make sure the vehicle is safely out of the flow of traffic, turn on the hazard lights and, if available, put out flares or warning triangles. While waiting for the tow truck, gather up any personal belongings that shouldn’t be left in the vehicle. Most tow companies warn against standing on the side of the road, and recommend waiting inside the vehicle or in a nearby building within sight of the vehicle.” Originally seen published on http://cars.costhelper.com/towing-car.html Central Towing works with most insurance companies, most roadside assistance programs and is a preferred provider with many insurance companies. We have one of the largest fleets in Maricopa county and we are a family owned business. In most cases we are now using flat bed tow trucks as it provides more protection for the vehicle and its fast to typically hook up cars, trucks and SUVs. “Prices fluctuate depending on these variables. Which in your case can include the issue with the vehicle hence if it was involved in an accident it may take more time to load the vehicle which may turn into the tow costing more money. In the long run most towing companies charge a hook up fee that can range from $50 to $200 depending on the vehicle size typically. Your is a smaller […]

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Requirements for Effective Towing Company Services

Towing is used to move disabled vehicles that got involved in an accident or have a mechanical breakdown. For car owners, it is advisable to look for a towing company ahead of time to avoid companies that take advantage of you or made you wait for hours while waiting for a towing service to arrive. Towing companies’ use tow trucks to haul vehicles to a residence or a mechanic the most common type of tow truck is a tow dolly. A tow dolly attaches at the back of another car. Make sure that the company you choose is reliable and trustworthy check if the company is licensed and insure.   Towing Company Tips When Towing a Vehicle Mirrors: Make sure you have adequate mirrors to give you the visibility you need for safe towing. If your mirrors aren’t adequate, change them to extended side-view mirrors. Towing Capacity: Never exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. To find out what your car/truck’s towing capacity is, consult your vehicle owner’s manual. The Hitch: Buying the right hitch is crucial if your vehicle is not already equipped with a manufacturer’s towing package. Your hitch must not only match your vehicle’s towing capacity but must be the appropriate hitch for the load you are carrying. Brakes in Sync: Make sure that the brakes and lights on your car or truck are in sync with the brakes and lights on your trailer. Your unit’s brakes and brake lights should go on when your car/truck’s brakes and brake lights go on. If your car/truck signals left, so should your trailer. Weight: Incorrect weight distribution can cause your trailer to flip. Load heavier cargo first, making sure you secure your item(s) with ropes or cords. Fill in extra spaces evenly, front to back, and side to side. Speed: Drive slower and give yourself ample distance for stopping when towing a trailer. Passengers: You should never have passengers traveling in a towed trailer. Read more by visiting the original post at http://www.indianarvlifestyle.com/Travel-Center/Driving-and-Towing-Tips.aspx   Towing companies are the ones you call during roadside emergencies. They use trucks to move disabled vehicles to another location. Make sure that you choose the right towing company, that match your lifestyle and needs. Here are the things you need to consider when choosing a good towing company: Choose a company that has licensed and insured Check the equipment and the tow truck they used Make sure that they hire certified and experienced drivers and operators. Choose a company that also offers roadside assistance.   Additional Tips to Choosing a Good Towing Company In case your motor vehicle breaks down and you need to have it towed, do you select simply any towing service? Surely you don’t. It is essential to choose a towing service provider wisely so that you know that your car will be safe and secure and it will not be harmed any more than it already is. So, you must ensure that the towing service you choose is accountable and will take […]

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Roadside Emergency Assistance and Help When You Need It

When you are in a roadside emergency, you want to get out of that place as soon as possible and you end up calling a towing company that is available. As a result, you may find towing companies that make you wait for hours. To avoid these instances, it is better to look for a towing company ahead of time, therefore you will have more time to consider your options and ask questions. Central Towing has one of the largest fleets in Phoenix and has fast response times. Here are some things that will help you find a good and reliable towing company: Choose a company that responds immediately to your call, you do not want to be alone on the side of the road for several hours Choose a company that is licensed and insured to make sure that you can submit a claim if anything goes wrong and damages your vehicle during the towing. Make sure that they hire qualified and trained operators to make sure that they will do the job the right way and professionally. “ The Tips List  to help you on the way to a trouble free trip. ⦁ “Secure all bolts and other fasteners in vibration resistant ways – use things like Nyloc nuts, Loc-tite, cotter keys or wired nuts.  Be sure the methods are appropriate for the situation. ⦁ Check bolts, fasteners, hitch, tires, lights and brakes prior to towing. ⦁ Inspect the trailer regularly to assure there are no cracked welds, loose bolts, or other issues that can create problems. ⦁ Inspect the tires carefully – especially after storing for some time.  Dry rot is the # 1 failure mode for trailer tires.  (Keeping tires covered when stored will help reduce dry rot and cracking.) ⦁ Check tire pressure regularly when traveling.  It’s a good idea to kick the tires every time you stop for gas just to see if they are full pressure. ⦁ Inspect the spare tire too, to be sure it is inflated properly and in good condition.  Nothing worse than getting a flat and realizing your spare is also flat. ⦁ Before connecting, check the hitch components to be sure they match — like ball size and coupler size — like rated capacity for both.” Article can be found posted on https://www.synthx.com/articles/trailer-towingtips.html   Being prepared for a roadside emergency is important like having a 24 hour roadside assistance towing company on speed dial. You never know when you will need their assistance and it usually happens at the worst times possible. The Upside to Roadside Assistance When buying the most suitable roadside assistance insurance simply don’t examine the packages that are offered and the price of it but search for the standing of the company itself. For example, the price of a single tow can be a lot more costly than the insurance policy premium. You can purchase such a coverage from most any automobile insurance provider and it’s provided by rental agencies. The Appeal of Roadside Assistance Emergency […]

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Trailer Towing Tips and Advice

When you are towing a trailer you need to remember that you need to adjust your driving to accommodate the extra weight. Driving with a car is very different when driving with a trailer behind you. These are the things you need to avoid when towing a trailer: Quick movements Jack rabbit starts Sudden stops You need to remember that this additional weight is capable of pushing you which can cause accidents if you are not careful. “You can look for a towing service online, and the service that it provides. You can also ask friends and family for better recommendations. Will be provided and what to avoid. Through this you also get an idea of the services that. Also you have to find out their mileage rates of payments and whether the services they offered match with what they charge. In addition, consider the distance that you need to tow your car and also how to pay for their services whether through your insurance or any other mode suitable to you. Also consider how long a company will take to reach you in case of an emergency to avoid you from being stranded. Choose companies that are quick and efficient in providing their services. Also consider the time of work of different companies, opt for companies that provide their services 24/7 and offer roadside assistance. Apart from helping towing your car, some companies may also provide other services such as jump starting your car, changing tires and also carrying damaged vehicles. Consider companies that provide a wide range of services. With the above factors, one is able to know whether a towing service provider is capable to do the job you want or is just a highway vulture meant to take your money just for a shoddy work. In knowing this it will help you be ready for any emergencies since you know a reliable means. The most important thing that one should know about car towing services is the services that they provide. With this knowledge one will be able to consider whether to consider a towing service or not and whether to hire one company or not. This article will save you the trouble of wondering” Originally seen published on http://mikestowinghamilton.com/choosing-a-car-towing-service/ The most essential part of towing any trailer is having the right vehicle that can accommodate the extra weight. You need to consider a few things to make sure that you can tow a trailer safely and in a healthy manner. These are the few things that you need to know before you tow a trailer: Make sure that the weight of the trailer doesn’t exceed the vehicle maximum tongue capacity The only time that you can exceed the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle is when it is equipped with a weight distributing hitch and a sway control device. Read your vehicle manual to have all the information you need to make the trip safe.   Things to watch out for and check before you […]

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Always Have A Tow Company On Speed Dial

Towing is commonly used to pull one vehicle from one location to another due to sudden failure of the engine that is why the services of a towing company are called. There are a lot of towing companies in the Phoenix area. Make sure that they are qualified and also make sure that the company you will hire has all the proper certifications. This way you are assured that they know what they are doing and they are knowledgeable in fixing different kinds of vehicles. Usually when you need your vehicle towed it is an emergency and at the worst times possible. “You do not have to wait until disaster strikes to call a tow company. If you do, you will always have to settle for less. Many vehicle owners have complained about tow companies with unprofessional crew who handled their vehicles poorly, arrived late with a truck that is in bad shape or charged way more than the cost that was represented. Look for good customer service Good customer service is essential for a tow company. When your car has broken down and you need assistance, it is quite easy to get frustrated or emotional. The tow company should show that they are able to handle such situations with good customer service. Find out what drives them, whether it is ensuring that they have the best trucks on the road or professional service, the tow company has to exhibit a strong drive towards ensuring customer satisfaction in their services. Equipment Used You need to find out the kind of equipment they use to ensure that your vehicle is handled well while towing. Find out the kinds of trucks they use, how often these trucks are serviced and whether they have technicians who maintain and operate the towing equipment. It is advisable to work with a tow company with more skilled professionals on deck as they are more proactive in ensuring that all their equipment is in great working condition. Payment options While on the road, it is quite easy to forget to put some cash aside in case you need a tow. You need a tow company that can accept different payment options such as credit cards or checks. This makes it much easier for you to pay for the services and get your vehicle back as soon as possible. Originally posted at http://www.colescarolina.com/services/towing/tips-for-choosing-a-good-clayton-towing-company/“ When choosing a towing provider it is important to find a company that is large enough that is providing 24 hour service, has many different towing options and different size vehicles they can tow. Central Towing in Phoenix can tow motorcycles, cars, truck, heavy duty vehicles and even commercial vehicles. We have a large enough fleet that can be to your location usually within an hour. “The towing industry is now setting a Standard to be followed by all the towing company to maintain a proper uniformity in the services. No matter if you have large construction equipment or your vehicle is severely damaged, the […]

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