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A responsible car owner knows that regular maintenance greatly reduces the chances of his vehicle breaking down. But no matter how many oil changes, tire checks, or battery tests you do, sometimes your vehicle can give up on you without warning. Or even if you’re the most careful driver in the world, an accident could just be a turn away.

Everybody is prone to emergencies that are as unexpected as they are stressful. In the event that you do find yourself in such situations, here are some safety tips you could follow to help you and those around you.

If you find yourself in a vehicular collision, first, check to make sure that you and other passengers in your car are okay. Also, check on the passengers in the other vehicle if there is another one involved. If there are no injuries, then the first people to call are towing services such as Central Towing. They are one of the leading towing companies in the Maricopa County and are available 24/7.


If your vehicle can still be started and there was no contact to your engine and gas tank, then transfer it to the side of the road where it won’t hinder other passing vehicles. If you are unable to restart it and it is still sitting in the middle of the road, set up a perimeter using anything that could catch attention such as orange cones and your hazard lights. Stay near your vehicle and wait for Central Towing to arrive.

If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the night in a deserted area, stay inside your vehicle and lock the doors. Contact Central Towing and inform them of your situation. You can trust that they will be there in no time. They take pride in their fast and reliable service especially during stressful situations. Also, let your family or friends know where you are.

In the event that you lock yourself out of your car, the number one don’t is don’t break your locks or windows. Whether you lost your keys or you left them inside, call Central Towing and you will be sorted out right away. Don’t attempt to open your lock on your own because this can cause permanent damage. It will even cost you more in comparison to Central Towing’s affordable fees.

If you are driving and you notice your tire bursts, stop immediately and pull up to the side of the road. Don’t keep driving in order to reach the nearest gas station. This will damage your mags permanently. Instead, wait for the help to come to you.

Calling a towing services company like Central Towing is one of the recommended first steps to take.  This will save you the time and hassle of figuring things out on your own. Just make sure of these three things while waiting for them to arrive: you’ve put yourself in a safe position, you’re not endangering anybody, and you are not causing further damage to your vehicle.

 Posted on : November 23, 2016

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