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Circumstances Where You May Need Emergency Towing Services

Do You Need Fast and Affordable Emergency Service? A lot of people do not think of finding the right towing service, until they are actually stuck in a situation where they have virtually no other choice. Because emergencies do happen, it is important that as a motorist, you also consider checking your options when it comes to emergency towing. Road emergencies do happen, and they occur more commonly than you think. The next roadside breakdown just might be yours! Just to make a point, here are some examples of reasons you may need emergency towing services. Vehicle breakdowns – For a variety of reasons, your car may break down in the middle of the road. It can be due to a failure in any of the mechanical parts of your car (engine, brakes, tires, suspension, etc.). It can be due to running out of fuel or battery. It can also be that your car may not be totally immobilized, but continuing to drive your car can prove dangerous both for yourself and other motorists. When your car breaks down, especially in an unholy hour where getting immediate help is slim to none, a towing service will basically be your saving grace. Accidents – Accidents do happen all the time, and some accidents can make it impossible for you to drive. Some major accidents can leave your car a total wreck or at least incapacitated, rendering it basically useless. While some cars are still drivable after coming out of an accident, continuing to drive it, especially for long distances, may cause further and potentially irreversible damage. At the same time, getting involved in an accident, especially if you are in the middle of the road, can put yourself and other motorists in danger. Getting emergency towing after an accident is a must for safety purposes. Lockouts – Getting locked out of your own car is one of the most common circumstances you may need emergency towing services. Lockouts happen for many reasons, most commonly because the owner left the keys inside the car. Of course, trying to unlock it yourself can be risky and can cause major damage to your car. Your best bet for these situations is to just call an emergency towing service. If you have any spare keys, you can have the car sent to your home then you can open it using your spare key. You can also ask your towing service if they carry unlocking services so the door can be safely opened. Roadside assistance – There are other special reasons when you may need emergency towing outside of getting locked out, getting involved in an accident, or your car breaking down. Calling for roadside assistance can also be due to other problems. It is possible that the driver may become incapacitated to drive for one reason or another. It can also be due to a precautionary measure after you notice something wrong in your car. Emergency towing can help send you and your car home or […]

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Equipment Towing Services Use

What Equipment Towing Services Use and What You Should Keep In Mind You will never know when the next car problem will come up, regardless of how much you do your best to take good care of your car.  There will be instances when you will need roadside assistance.  Regardless if it is about an accident or a mere mechanical failure, it can be a real bummer to be stuck in the road with a broken car. This is when you will need towing services. The towing equipment that will be used by the towing company such as Central Towing will depend entirely on the type and the size of the vehicle. However, it usually falls under one of these five types. Hook and Chain Boom Flat bed Wheel lift Integrated These types of vehicles and towing services are used depending on what is being towed. Booms are typically used for tow trucks and are used for situations such as when the vehicle is stuck in a ditch, culvert, or embankment. This can also be used when the vehicle is placed in an area where it would be impossible to back it up to safety. In addition, a belt lift or a sling is an equipment which is also used for the recovery of vehicles. Even if they have a very useful function, they are not really used by many towing companies nowadays because of the bumper scratches they can cause. However, for cases when the wheels or other parts of the cars involved have been detached from the vehicles, slings are still the ones used. The flatbed is where the vehicle will rest once it has been pulled out of the road or wherever it was “rescued” from. The flatbed can be moved with the help of a hydraulic press and can be lowered so that it is on ground level.  The vehicle will be hauled in it with the use of a winch. Important Reminder If Your Vehicle Is Towed It is important that you hire a reputable towing company such as Central Towing for many reasons. There is no national law or regulation guiding the operation of towing companies.  Usually, local rules and regulations are followed by towing companies.  You want a towing company to be in the know of all these rules. Also, you need to find out if there will be limitations as to your access to your vehicle when it is being moved.  There are some companies that might restrict your access to your vehicle especially if it is going to be temporarily stored in one of their facilities.  With the limited access to your vehicle, you might find it difficult to get your hands on important documents or any other valuables you may have in your vehicle. It may take days before you are actually allowed to access your vehicle, making the retrieval of important stuff in the car difficult. Do not wait for an accident to happen to find out what towing services […]

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