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Are You Looking For a Reliable and Professional Towing Company?

A lot of people commonly set aside the task of choosing a towing service provider until an unexpected roadside problem happens. During such events, they would have to be contented with the nearest sources of help. Companies that offer these types of services are often seen advertising everywhere. Their flyers, posters, and phone directory entries are often promising the best quality of services. However, current surveys among those who have already accessed roadside assistance services of local companies reveal low customer satisfaction and lots of complaints.

There are online sites that have been providing reviews and comparisons between towing services companies out there. However, most of these reviews cover only those companies that are operating on a nationwide basis Most of the time, only the top 10 or 20 of these companies are featured in these review sites. People need something else today. They need to know which local companies are the best and which they would be able to depend on in case of actual roadside emergencies.
For those who are based in Phoenix, Central Towing could answer their need for a reliable service provider. This company is one of the best local names in the industry of towing services on this part of the United States. There are many reasons why they should be on the top of preference lists of customers. Some of these include the following:

  • Ease of access to services: Central Towing can assure its clients that help will always be available for them 24/7. The company’s phone lines are always open and manned by people who are as qualified as the members of their towing teams. Queries about quick fixes, availability of spare parts, placement of orders on tires to be delivered, and other related matters will be answered by the company’s customer service representatives. Read more about our nearby locations.
  • Professional and courteous service crews: Each customer who comes to the company for help is valued much. This is shown on how service crews treat them. The company can ensure that every mechanic or driver they will send over are courteous and will always act in professional manner. There will be no worries about rude tow truck drivers or crews who will handle the customer’s vehicle roughly.
  • More services are covered: The services offered by the company aren’t limited to simple towing jobs. They have the know-how, manpower, equipment, and linkages to offer various roadside services. They can do long distance, medium duty, heavy duty, lockout, fuel and tire delivery, and other similar services. All that a customer has to do is call them and give them specific details of the problem they have. Central Towing will provide them with the exact type of roadside emergency help they need.
  • Wide service area coverage: Central Towing covers many areas within Maricopa country, AK. While their center of operations is at Phoenix, they can provide towing solutions to motorists in Prescott, Flagstaff, Sedona, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, and many other neighboring areas.
  • New and updated fleet of service vehicles: Central Towing can ensure that they will always have the right service vehicles for every specific job. Their heavy duty towing vehicles are designed for RVs, delivery trucks, and other types of industrial vehicles. They also have units that are designed for long distance towing. Their fleet of towing vehicles undergoes regular maintenance and repairs. This ensures that each unit sent out to help customers is in top shape and guaranteed to be safe.

As a provider of towing services, Central Towing definitely outshines it competitors in the Arkansas area. If you are in need of a trustworthy local name in the towing services market, look no further and choose this one!

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 Posted on : June 4, 2016

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