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Towing is one of the most basic services present for motorists all over the world. While it is possible to obtain these services any time and for just about any reason, the most common reason why people seek for these services is an emergency. Having access to your trusty local emergency tow truck service will turn out to be a lifesaver. If you are looking for the right emergency towing service in Phoenix, AZ, you can get it from us here at Central Towing. However, before that, it will be great if you’ll learn more about emergency tow truck services first.

As the job title suggests, an emergency tow truck service is basically a towing service that you can get in the event of an emergency. These service providers can respond to your call at short notice and should ideally be there at your rescue within moments after you called them. These services also employ movers who understand how to perform tows in an emergency situation. Aside from knowing how to move quickly into the scene, they move with both precision and care, thereby ensuring that all people inside the car are safe and all potential problems are addressed.


Why Experience Matters

Central Towing 24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Central Towing 24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Aside from having experience in handling emergency towing situations, they are usually capable of performing different emergency tasks. Just to name examples, they usually have jumpstart equipment in case of a battery drain, carry spare fuel to fill up an empty tank, and even carry tools for basic repairs such as replacing a damaged tire. At the same time, they also have special skills that can come in handy in an emergency such as first aid kit and the ability to unlock accidentally locked doors. Dedicated emergency towing tend to have specialized services that may come in handy during unexpected times.

Emergency towing services tend to carry different fleets of wreckers for different situations. Tow trucks of different configurations may be used to carry immobilized vehicles safely. Light and medium-sized vehicles can usually be hauled away using traditional tow trucks, but heavier vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorhomes and construction equipment must be towed using heavy-duty wreckers. Depending on the situation and the driver’s preference, the immobilized car can be carried to the owner’s home, to the nearest repair center, or to the manufacturer’s facilities.

In an unforeseen event, you need to put your trust in a service that will provide you with the help you need at the right time. This is why you have to take your search for an emergency towing service seriously. In the state of Arizona, Central Towing is the name you should trust if you need an emergency tow truck service. We are the best in the business because we are dedicated to providing the best service for our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment so that we can pull out your car safely and in the most efficient manner. We also have service personnel who are trained to tow different vehicles correctly and provide emergency services if necessary.


Why Contact Central Towing

Our phone lines and fleet are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; always ready to take on any assignment at a moment’s notice. Regardless of where you are, the time of day, or the current weather, we assure that we will be there during your time of need. If you are in need of an emergency tow truck service, never hesitate to give us here at Central Towing a call. Contact us at (602) 277-3200 for immediate towing assistance. Don’t worry, because we provide our services at a fair price, complete with free estimates.


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 Posted on : November 27, 2016

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