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Why You Should Choose Central Towing?

Do you need emergency help? Maybe your car started shaking because you blew out a tire. Maybe you’re searching you pockets for your keys only to realize that that thing inside your locked car looks suspiciously like your key chain. Maybe the Class A RV has finally made her last trip (on the current engine at least). Whatever the reasons, situations are going to pop up where a prompt, courteous, and experienced towing specialist is needed. When those situations occur around the Phoenix area, it is time to call Central Towing.   Services we offer in Phoenix: Emergency Towing 24 Hour Towing RV Towing Commercial Towing Heavy Duty Towing Towing Specials Affordable Towing Roadside Assistance   Normal Towing Services Central offers the full range of regular towing services. Whether you are in need of towing for a car, truck, van, or sports utility vehicle (SUV), you won’t have any trouble getting the support you need. This company offers multiple types of tow trucks, including traditional towing, trucks available for medium and heavy duty towing needs, as well as flat bed towing to safely transport your vehicle from the scene of the breakdown to a local garage who can change a tire or take care of any mechanical issues and get you back on the road safely once again.   Heavy Duty Towing Available One of the options that really makes Central Phoenix Towing stick out is that they have the heavy duty towing trucks that can tow much larger vehicles whether a commercial truck, motorhome, RV, or other similar vehicle. Even when you have heavy duty weight, their specialists can take care of those vehicles. The 24-7 emergency service also means that any time day or night, no matter what the actual towing need, they can be counted on to deliver fast and effective towing services.   Your Solution For Lock Outs There’s no reason to be embarrassed about locking your keys in the car. This has happened to everyone and when you need help getting back into your car, you want to call specialists who have a reputation of being fast, courteous, and getting the job done so you can get back on the road. Add in the affordable rates that won’t bust your budget and the solution to your roadside needs are available with just one phone call.   Emergency & Long Distance Services You can call Central Towing from anywhere in Maricopa County. They offer long distance towing, which means even when you’re way out in the corners of the county, you can call their specialists at any time during the day. When you have a towing emergency you want service right now, not 12 hours from now. You can count on their reliable specialists. Call Us Today You don’t want to call a towing specialist who will put the phone on vibrate because he’s at lunch. You want a towing service that will be there when you need them, a service like Central Towing. Next time […]

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Meeting All Your Heavy Duty Towing Needs

Do you need a large vehicle towed? When it comes to having every single one of your towing needs met, it’s important to find a high quality towing service that is willing to answer the call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While many people only need regular towing services, it is important to recognize those companies that have the ability to offer heavy duty towing services. Towing extra large, extra heavy, or commercial sized vehicles can’t be done with a regular tow truck, which is why you need to take a look at any heavy duty towing providers and keep them on speed dial for when you have those particular niche towing needs! When You Can Call Emergency services are important when looking at who you can trust to help take care of all of your heavy duty towing needs. Central Towing doesn’t have set hours – they are a 24-7 service that doesn’t hesitate to take care of any and all emergency calls. This is extremely important to know since, let’s face it, accidents and towing emergencies don’t happen on a set 9-5 schedule. Recreational Vehicle (RV) & Mobile Home Towing Communication is important, especially when towing. The tow trucks that are more than enough for towing a regular car, truck, or SUV is not going to be nearly enough to take care of your average RV or mobile home. They certainly aren’t going to be enough to help tow away any especially large mobile home or RV. In these situations you need a special truck that can handle much heavier weights and much larger vehicles. That combination can be hard to find, but Central Towing is a local solution to heavy duty towing in Maricopa County. Commercial Vehicle Towing Commercial vehicles come in many shapes and sizes from your standard moving trucks to a broken down big rig. When you have a serious vehicle or piece of machinery that has broken down and needs to be towed now, then it is time to call Central Towing and get their professionals out to the scene to help out. They have experience working with all types of commercial vehicles, and will know how to safely and effectively help get your vehicle towed to the nearest garage capable of working on that type of commercial truck and getting you safely off the road so the mechanics can work on getting you safely back on the road. Learn more about our heavy duty towing services at www.centralphoenixtowing.com/heavy-duty/ Serving the Local Area There are many towing services that serve just Mesa or just Phoenix, but Central Towing is committed to serving the heavy towing needs of all of Maricopa County. That extends to all hours and emergency services, as well, and really sets them apart from the competition. There are many different towing companies based out of Phoenix, but not many of them have the ability to handle heavy duty towing. When you find yourself in need of the truly […]

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